Under Eye Concealer: W3LL People

I read an article recently that shared French women’s views on under eye circles. In a word: romantic. Yes, the French women featured in the article thought that dark under eye circles are romantic…how lovely. Although I am very accepting of my “flaws”, I’m not quite evolved enough to think of my under eye circles as romantic.

My one “on a mission to fix” gripe is my dark, under eye circles. I’ve had these things forever, but they’ve gotten much worse with age. Really good, consistent sleep works wonders, but for the most part, the circles remain.

I’m trying to find a more natural alternative to the mainstream concealer product that I currently use. I’m starting my search with W3LL People’s Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer. My first observation: they don’t have a lot of concealer shade options for a range of complexions…only 4 shades. I was able to find a shade that works for me, but it’s the principle.

I ordered two sample sizes, the Medium shade and the Medium Dark shade. One sample size is enough for 4-6 uses.

As claimed by W3LL People, this product doesn’t include: artificial preservatives, parabens, chemicals, dyes, fragrance, silicone, dimethicone, pthalates, sulphates, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride or nanoparticles.

My Results

Consistency: Creamy liquid; glides on very smoothly. A little goes a long way.

Coverage: The coverage with this product is amazing. After applying the concealer, my under eye circles look airbrushed away. Note: I applied the concealer under my eyes, in a v shape, about 10 minutes after I moisturized my face. I don’t use foundation or primer.

Lasting Power:
Okay. The concealer started to fade about 3 hours after I applied it.

Price: $22.50 for .25 ounces. A sample size is $1.50.


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