The Scented Home: Campfire Beeswax Melts

I love, love, love Aziz Light beeswax candles. The wax pyramid melts are a new addition to their line of products, so of course I had to try them. I purchased the Campfire scent which smells just like the name…rich, woodsy, warm, and wintry…in the most familiar, nostalgic sort of way. Each bag includes 12 pyramid wax melts and one pyramid goes a really long way.

I had to purchase a tart warmer which is the recommended way to melt the wax. I didn’t know what a tart warmer was, but I found it in the candle aisle of the grocery store. You plug up the warmer, place one wax melt on top of the warming plate, turn the switch on, and the wax melts slowly.

The fragrance filled my apartment just as well as a candle and lingers for a bit after the tart warmer is turned off.  I love the glow of a nice candle, but the pyramid melts are a lovely replacement.


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