Soybean Oil Based Nail Polish Remover

Soybean Nail Polish Remover, Pretty Young Green

Last year around this time, I had an incident with a burgundy bottle of nail polish. I was in my car wearing a winter white wool coat, getting ready to touch up my nails before my morning commute. I grabbed the nail polish from my purse and started to shake it, but the bottle top was loose and there it went…burgundy nail polish all over my passenger side seat, console, and some on my winter white coat!

I had no choice but to apply conventional nail polish remover all over my seat and console to try to get rid of the nail polish as quickly as possible. It was a nightmare…the nail polish remover smell stayed in my car for weeks!

Since then, I no longer touch up my nails in my car (obviously) and I’ve been researching less harsh, non-toxic nail polish removers.

I came across Karma Naturals while looking around on I decided to buy the 15 ml size of the remover (Tea Tree scent), just in case I didn’t like it. It should be enough for approximately 6-8 manicure/pedicure removals.

I was initially skeptical about whether or not a non-toxic nail polish remover would work well, so I used it to remove the darkest color that I have…Pacifica nail polish in Red Wine.

It worked! I used 2 cotton pads to remove the polish from both hands. There was a little bit of red residue left on my nails, but that happens even when I use regular nail polish remover with this color.





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