The Scented Home: Frankincense Resin

A smoldering, rich earthiness that transports you to the depths of the forest…that’s what burning frankincense resin smells like. I’ve smelled frankincense before, in fragrances and candles, but it has always been mixed with other scents. I’m definitely not disappointed with the pure scent.

I purchased my frankincense resin online from Mountain Rose Herbs. Resin is basically just hardened tree sap. The wild harvested resin is from Egypt, smells divine, and is said to have healing properties that create a sacred, stress-free atmosphere.

After doing some research on the best way to burn resin, I decided on the most popular strategy which involves charcoal rounds (also purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs), sand (from Michael’s), and a heatproof dish.

How to Burn Frankincense Resin

Pretty Young Green, Frankincense ResinGrab a heatproof dish and fill it with sand.

Place one charcoal round on top of the sand and heat the charcoal using a lighter.
Side Note: It took me a bit of time to get my charcoal round going. On my first try, the charcoal sparked a bit and I thought that was enough to start a burn, but it wasn’t. I had to hold the lighter to the charcoal for a good 5 seconds before it sparked enough to burn. Immediately after sparking, my charcoal round was hot enough to use.

Take 2-3 pieces of the frankincense resin and place them on top of the charcoal round.

Sit back and enjoy!


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