Purple Dragon Carrot Juice

Purple Dragon Carrot Juice, Pretty Young GreenThis was my first time trying purple carrots. There are different varieties of purple carrot… “Purple Dragon”, “Purple Haze”, “Cosmic Purple”…and according to the World Carrot Museum (who knew one existed!), the origin of the cultivated carrot was purple. Apparently, purple carrots have more beta-carotene benefits than their orange counterparts and also contain a high amount of anthocyanins (due to the purple pigment) which act as antioxidants. Sounds perfect for juicing, right? I threw in some red spinach (amaranth) leaves, a red apple, and some pineapple juice, to sweeten it up.

Purple Dragon Carrot Juice
3 purple carrots
1 red apple
½ cup of red spinach
½ cup of pineapple juice

Pour the ½ cup of pineapple juice into a glass. Next, juice the carrots, red apple, and red spinach. Add the juiced mixture into the glass and stir.


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